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"I was really impressed with this tea. I was not sure how it would taste, having Icelandic moss, Gingko, and Rhodiola. I figured cinnamon and cloves would be at the forefront of flavors, and they were but definitely not overwhelmingly so. I used boiling water and get about 3-4 cups per 2 tsps. of tea. The earlier steeps have a nice taste. I can’t pick out the flavors because I’ve never had some of the ingredients before, but the cinnamon, cloves, and rose petals are really the only flavors present. The first time that I had this, I had one of my best meditation sessions ever! I wouldn’t say the energy boost is like coffee. It’s like how tea is – a focused energy. And it is very relaxing at the same time. Also, the flavor stays in your mouth for a long time afterwards. It’s like a delicious candy in your mouth. The aroma fills the room, and I like drinking water in the same cup afterwards because of the lovely smell. I will buy this again when I run out." -JakeB 

"I sampled this tea at the Toronto Tea Festival 2017 and brought home a 55g bag for $10. I really like the flavour, which is definitely cinnamon-forward but not overpowering. It doesn’t taste like a spicy cinnamon heart, it just tastes like a nice herbal tea with some cinnamon and clove flavours coming to the front. I can sense that there is a bit of green tea in there as the base. Kind of like a green or white tea with chai flavours. This tea would probably mix great with some (non-dairy) milk or made into a tea latte, if that’s your taste. I’ve been drinking it black. Works great for a second steeping as well, so 2tsp has gotten me an entire day of tea drinking at work which I like. (I haven’t tried more than 2 steeps yet so far) I’ve been sipping this for the entire day at work and haven’t got sick of the taste at all like can happen with some teas. It’s very nice, there’s no bitterness or astringency or tannin taste. The cinnamon makes it taste almost kind of sweet on its own. I love the smell which reminds me of ginger snaps or cookies or holiday baking. I would definitely recommend this tea. I do actually feel relaxed yet energized at the same time which surprised me a little. Usually I am VERY sensitive to caffeine so I look for teas that won’t make me jittery or give me a headache. I like that this has a little caffeine so it has been helping me stay awake and alert while I’m at my (sometimes boring) desk job without any negative effects from caffeine. After finishing my first cup I felt somewhat uplifted and slightly happier and peppier than normal. I was able to concentrate more and accomplish tasks faster. No crash or headache in the afternoon. I’ll definitely be finishing this bag of loose leaf and will likely repurchase since they are local to Toronto where I live." -crayonpuppy

"This tea is fantastic! I’ve been having a few cups every day. There’s a beautiful taste and aroma of Cinnamon, Clove, and Rose but the other herbs are nicely balanced so each sip goes down smooth. After a week of drinking I can definitely say that I feel an energy boost and, after a cup, my mood immediately improves and I have less stress. When I first read the ingredients I was intrigued because I’ve never had a tea with Rhodiola or Icelandic Moss. I researched a bit more beyond the MoxTea website and discovered lots of scientific studies showing the benefits of the ingredients found in this tea. I felt greater clarity and concentration to the point where I noticed I was reading faster and absorbing the content better. I also don’t have as many “senior moments”. My sister and brother also tried some and really enjoyed it. They’ll be placing orders and so will I when I run out! :)"
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MoxTea Online Reviews 
Love The Taste And Clarity!
I have been enjoying the tea to the point of using it up and ordering more the other day. Love the taste and the clarity of thought but the energy is just a little lagging right now but for now I expect it will increase with each passing day I drink less coffee and more MoxTea, we are on a journey, right. So all is good and I am enjoying the experience as it unwraps. - Iris October 14, 2016
A Family Favorite!
 Viking Moxie is a family favorite. We all enjoy it as an afternoon pick me up. - Lararum September 28, 2016
Absolutely wonderful!! Very quick ship! Very soothing and refreshing aroma!! and it tastes amazing!! I absolutely LOVE this tea!!! - J. September 2, 2016
Fantastic Tea!
Fantastic tea that gives me just enough energy to get through the day! - Veronikka H. Aug 16, 2016
Viking tea smells wonderful and tastes great!
Fast Shipping. The viking tea smells wonderful and tastes great. I felt very calm while drinking. Did notice I felt energized as well. I would recommend trying and will probably purchase again. :) - Jennifer R. July 13, 2016
Love, love, love MoxTea!
I love, love , love MoxTea! Thank you for making a tea a truly enjoy!!
-Susan A. July 12, 2016
Delicious and Fantastic!!!
HUGE SHOUT OUT to the best customer service I've experienced in ages!! As someone who is in the catering world I know it's importance!!! DELICIOUS concoction of tea and spices and flowers and moss and so much more's FANTASTIC! Bravo to this tastes even more BEAUTIFUL than it looks!! - Karen 4/05/2016
So good!
Love having my MoxTea every day! Each cup has a beautiful aroma and taste. I definitely feel the energy boost without the jitters of coffee. It helps me focus and also relax. Will order again!:) - Chelsea 16/03/2016
Love It
Great tea! Amazing flavor!!! Definitely customer for life! -Kevin 2/1/2016
Perfect Cuppa
Moxtea is a must try for everyone! A prefect blend of herbs, leaving a beautiful taste of Cinnamon and cloves in every cup. I have stopped having my morning coffee as I feel Moxtea gives me the energy I need to get through the day. -Paul 1/27/2016
It gives me so much focus, I'm so glad someone introduced it to me. -Ashley 1/18/2016
Deliciously Calming
A special someone made me a cup of MoxTea before bed, and from the moment he opened the package I knew I was in for a treat. The herbs smell of quality cinnamon and rose, something which is so hard to find in other teas. It's taste once brewed was smooth yet strong enough. MoxTea should be a staple in your cupboard" -Karen 1/17/2016

Outstanding Quality And Customer Service

Excellent product, works as advertised and tastes great. Staff knowledgeable and responsive, and it shows in the product." -Craig 12/17/2015

Amazing Tea!

My sister and I brewed a pot of "Viking Moxie" tea and enjoyed the whole experience. As soon as we opened the package, beautiful cinnamon and clove scents reminiscent of the Christmas season wafted out and we each took the time to smell the contents first, which are beautiful in combination. The tea itself was superb and full of flavour. My sister described it as "smooth and buttery"! After I had a cup, I had the longest and best self-directed meditation immediately after. I suffer from anxiety, which the meditations have helped reduce massively. It seems as though the tea will help make the quality of my meditations even better. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing tea!" -Jennifer 12/17/2015

This tea is wonderful!
"The taste and aroma are very pleasant! I have very good meditations after drinking it. I have several teas and today my friend wanted to try this and she loved it. It's definitely a mood booster and is very relaxing. It's just a great tea!" -Jake 12/13/2015

I love MoxTea! It tastes and smells great! I felt more and more energized with each cup. I always look forward to my MoxTea break!"-Sandra 

Reviewed & Happily Reviewing Again!
"Lovely aroma & taste. Appreciate the thoughtful blend & ingredients including "good for us for centuries" ingredients. I'm now about to share MoxTea with my newsletter clients @! Thanks again Michael!" - Sue Ann 11/9/2015

Great Way To Start My Day!

MoxTea has discovered a blend that makes energizing, health promoting herbs taste great. Love the gentle hint of cinnamon and cloves. Gives me an energy boost. Will definitely order again! Alice 11/12/2015

 Isatu Fofanah - Canadian Sprinter Olympics Rio 2016
Got my MoxTea and I’m so happy with the quality. Smells so exquisite and tastes even better. Love the natural herbal blends infused into this blend. Has such an earthy aroma that just calms you down instantaneously. I recommend all tea lovers galore to go try some of this tea. You will not be disappointed. So fresh and relaxing. -Isatu 'Ice' Fofanah 12/19/2015


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