The MoxTea Foxy - Natural Brain Boosting Herbal Tea

Who's the fox?
The MoxTea Foxy is our cute mascot that enjoys the benefits of drinking MoxTea. You too can be as clever as a fox!

How does MoxTea help boost energy & lower anxiety?
See the list of our herbal, energy boosting ingredients on the About page.

When will I notice the tea's effects?
Some feel an energy boost almost immediately. Others may take a week of drinking an average of 1-2 cups a day. The herbal blend helps sustain your energy throughout the day.

How many cups should I drink a day?
Everyone’s different. Generally speaking, 1-2 cups average will give you a boost. Drink MoxTea when you need it most - If you feel sluggish in the morning or need an energy boost in the afternoon.

How does MoxTea taste?
After brewing for at least 3-5 minutes, a sip of MoxTea has a pleasing & refreshing taste of all natural herbs with hints of cinnamon, clove, & rose petals. A few more sips and you’ll feel the healthy goodness while enjoying a relaxing aroma.

Does MoxTea have caffeine?
Our teas contain a healthy dose of caffeine that is released gradually through green tea leaves. L-theanine is a healthy amino acid that naturally boosts energy and focus. MoxTea is unique in that it contains key herbs, such as Rhodiola & Gotu Kola, that boost energy naturally without the need for added caffeine. This balance in MoxTea's blend allow you to avoid feeling the unhealthy buzz or crash associated with coffee.

How do I prepare a cup of MoxTea?
It is best to use hot water (just below boiling) so the herbs better release their properties. Steep for approximately 3-6 minutes depending on your preferred strength of tea. You may remove or leave the teabag in the cup. You can also add milk or sweetener. Then Enjoy your MoxTea!

How to prepare MoxTea brain boosting teaMoxTea-How to prepare our Brain Boosting herbal teaMoxTea-How to prepare our Brain Boosting herbal tea MoxTea-How to prepare our Brain Boosting herbal tea MoxTea-How to prepare our Brain Boosting herbal tea


What about Shipping costs?
Starts at only $7.99 Canadian OR approximately $5.99 US anywhere in North America! International flat rate shipping is $22.99 CAD anywhere in the world. From time of Shipment, allow 3-5 business days within Canada, 5-8 days U.S. and 2-3 weeks for international. To keep costs down for you, we use untracked shipping. We will resolve any lost shipments on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any side effects or warnings to drinking MoxTea?
Adverse reactions to drinking MoxTea are very rare. Because certain herbs effect blood flow in the body, we discourage drinking while pregnant. If you have specific allergens associated with MoxTea's herbal ingredients, please consult your doctor before consuming.

Can you talk more about your inspiration for MoxTea?
“I got tired of always feeling tired. Tired even after a good night's sleep. Many of my college student days were more student 'daze' as I struggled to keep my eyes open through afternoon classes. Then I entered the workforce and things didn’t get much better. Coffee just gave me as quick an energy drop as it did a rise and left me feeling jittery. Energy drinks tasted awful and had similar, unhealthier results. Many others could relate and complained they had gotten either dependent or use to these drinks and that they no longer had any effect.
    I was finally "woken up" while travelling through East Asia and Northern Europe. From places like Thailand, Singapore, and Sweden, I learned the power of herbal remedies and why certain ones had been used for centuries by these cultures. I researched further, discovered which special herbs worked best, and created a tea blend that not only gave me an energy boost but a stamina that lasted throughout the day. I found the right amount to brew the perfect energy boosting tea. Others tried my tea and felt the same boost. Now I’d like you to try it and see how much better you feel!” 

> Try our 100% Natural Brain Boosting Tea blended from traditional herbal remedies!