Don’t you hate feeling exhausted early morning or turning semi-zombie by the afternoon? Doesn't Stress just drag you down even more? MoxTea gives you a healthy energy boost that lasts! A tea without the harmful crash effects of coffee. If you often feel nervous, or live with OCD or other anxiety disorders, MoxTea helps bring calmness to your day. We’ve blended ancient traditional herbs that actively restore your body’s natural balance while increasing mental clarity and focus. We’re talking stuff the Romans, Chinese, and even Vikings drank a thousand years ago!

Here’s the stuff:

MoxTea boosts wellbeing, energy, and focus with herbs that rebalance the body & sharpen the mind!

A healthy body =  A healthy mind

Rhodiola Rosea
MoxTea herbal ingredient: Rhodiola

The #1 herb which is it's first. Rhodiola is relatively unknown to the West but has been used elsewhere for centuries as a traditional remedy. It is an adaptogen that lets you adapt to any stress in your environment. 1000s of years ago, the Vikings used this herb for energy & focus before battle. Rhodiola rebalances and harmonizes the body while boosting stamina and mental clarity. It truly deserves it’s title of a wonder herb!

Gotu Kola
MoxTea herbal ingredient:Gotu Kola

Used for thousand's of years in China, India, and Indonesia where it was called "the fountain of youth" for it's amazing healing effects. Studies have proven Gotu Kola significantly lowers anxiety, raises mental clarity, and even improves skin quality.

Green Tea leaves
MoxTea herbal ingredient:Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea's popularity is based on its incredible health benefits. The amino acid L-theinine boosts energy, without the jittery effects associated with coffee, and improves brain function. More neurons in your brain will fire while neurotransmitters like Dopamine will help elevate your mood. Green Tea also speeds metabolism; helping you lose weight by burning fat and improving physical performance.

Icelandic Moss

MoxTea Herbal Tea - Icelandic Moss

A classic Viking herb used to heal fever, strengthen the immune system, and boost overall energy. 

Gingko Biloba
MoxTea herbal ingredient:Gingko Biloba

By improving blood flow in the body this herb sharpens thinking, learning, and memory. Gingko Biloba also reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, while helping you become more social and better able to complete daily tasks.

Rose Petals
MoxTea herbal ingredient:Rose Petals

Rose petals give a beautiful fragrance and taste to tea while also benefiting digestion, skin care, and acting as an aphrodisiac. This will help you subtly relax so the best of you can shine!

Cinnamon & Cloves

MoxTea - Energy boosting herbal tea cinnamon and cloves

MoxTea's beautiful flavour and aroma comes from the fresh hints of cinnamon and clove. Besides their delicious taste, these herbs contain essential nutrients. Cinnamon contains important antioxidants while cloves relieve joint pain and fight bacteria.

> Discover how these ancient herbal remedies can help boost your energy & brain power! Try our Premium 100% Natural Herbal Tea and start feeling better!