MoxTea brightens the winter blues!

MoxTea - Take a moment for yourself!

Take a moment to relax and refresh

Tea is the perfect winter drink. MoxTea is even better! Our blend contains ancient herbs that have been clinically proven to relieve anxiety & increase energy. Especially in this hectic holiday season, everyone can use a boost of energy and a break from stress! 

MoxTea is the Ideal tea break!

MoxTea's calming effect is also in the preparation of the tea. This is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Become aware of how the dried herbs look and notice their fresh aroma as you place 2 tsps into an infuser for a cup. While the water draws to a boil, simply take that time to 'do nothing'. That's right, relax and take some deep breaths. Just before the kettle reaches a full boil, pour the steaming water into your favourite cup and focus on how the water changes to a beautiful color as MoxTea steeps. Give your cup a stir, noticing how the flavour swirls and is carried with the steam. Watch calmly as the steam rises and how the cup close to feel the warmth on your face. Then take a whiff of the beautiful aroma and, when cool enough, a little sip. Notice how the warmth covers your whole body like a blanket and how much more relaxed and rejuvenated you feel. Now try to compare with how you felt before you began preparing MoxTea. I'm confident you'll be amazed at how much lighter, happier, and more alert you now feel. 

Mindfulness can be practiced in most activities we do. Too much stress is debilitating. We lose awareness of who we are and what we are doing. Often our days become so busy and stressed we forget to take a moment for ourselves. MoxTea is about taking that moment for yourself. You deserve it!