6 Brilliant Effects Tea has on your Brain!

MoxTea - Benefits of Tea on Brain power

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MoxTea uses herbs that have been proven for centuries to boost brain power & overall energy. Herbs like Rhodiola, Green Tea leaves, Ginseng, & Gotu Kola, contain essential nutrients to give you healthy energy throughout the day. We have found the perfect balance in the delicious blend we make. See the article below, detailing research on the Scientific benefits of drinking Tea and how it will improve your brain.

1. Green tea may help fight Alzheimer’s

Scientists have found that a natural component of green tea may eventually provide a way of curing Alzheimer’s disease (Rushworth et al.,).

Early-stage research has found that a component of green tea–epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)–can disrupt the build up of plaques in the brain, which is what causes the cells to die.

Eventually this may help lead to a cure for the crippling disease.


While we’ll have to wait for the Alzheimer’s research to progress, tea has been shown to have more immediate effects.

A study of 2,031 people aged between 70 and 74 found that those who drank tea–which contain micronutrient polyphenols, like EGCG–had better cognitive performance (Nurk et al., 2009).

3. Improved cognition

You hardly need me to tell you that tea makes you feel alert, but it’s down to more than just the caffeine…

Tea also contains theanine, a psychoactive amino acid almost unique to tea.

Although we know much less about the effects of theanine than we do caffeine, there are multiple studies connecting it with enhanced cognitive performance (Einother & Martens).

4. That famous calming effect

Not only is theanine responsible for improving cognition, it also provides the famous calming effect of tea.

When theanine is given to people, their brains exhibit more α-waves, which are indicative of relaxation without drowsiness (Juneja et al., 1999)

5. Tea boosts memory

Theanine, along with EGCG, has also been implicated in improvements to memory.

Korean research by Chung et al. (2011) has found that green tea extract and L-theanine can produce memory improvements in people suffering from mild cognitive impairments.